expo 1 module 4 year 7

expo 3 module 4 year 9

"Noel", a story told using the future tense.

"Ma soirée", a story told using the past tense.

samedi 18 octobre 2008

Scatter Games for all ! And more !

Year 7, Go there and play Scatter with numbers from 1 to 21, and then go there to revise days and months. And you can also check this one out !

Year 8 and 9, Go there and play Scatter with verbs in the past tense, and then take the Test! Then try this as well.

Especially for 8 and 9 Fast-Track, there you will find the Famous Rebels!!!!
(The ones who "do not follow the rule", and use "je suis" instead of "j'ai" in the past!!!)

Year 8, sets 2, you can go there and then there to check how much you've learnt in Module 1 this first half-term.I have also found this game about weather which I am absolutely incapable of playing because I am far too slow and cannot shoot the words! Try it and let me know how it went for you.


7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

hi i have gone on illusion and the year 8 set 2 game and go the same score 2 which was 1min,26sec

from jessica digby
(p.s) it is very fun

Mrs Cossu. a dit…

Super Jessica, merci pour ton commentaire!

Anonyme a dit…

hi mrs cossu i have been on your scatter games see you later bye ben f

Mrs Cossu. a dit…

Excellent! Merci Ben.

Caraa Dudee x a dit…

I Got 7.9 On The Year Eiight && Niine Verbs =]


Anonyme a dit…

hi mrs straight a student here french is great!!!!

bye blake smith

Anonyme a dit…

bonjouur mrscossu
It is freat i played the bin game and the yr 7 ones too.
from danielle osullivan