expo 1 module 4 year 7

expo 3 module 4 year 9

"Noel", a story told using the future tense.

"Ma soirée", a story told using the past tense.

jeudi 30 octobre 2008

Revision Revision Revision!

Year 7, as we are working on family and possessive adjectives at the moment, you may want to go and check this one out, all you have to do is put the mouse on each word, click on it, and carefully listen to the way it is being pronounced, that will help you improve your pronunciation.
This one will help you with the spelling.

Come on Year 8 set 2, go there , have fun and revise the time. We do need to understand time if we want to get on with the next unit!!!
Have a go at this one as well, you can choose if you want it slow or fast!!!
And finally this one, you need to catch the words, I am so so rubbish at it myself..........

There is also that one called "grouille" which means "hurry up", personally I never managed to succeed and got eaten by the cat every time (Or is it a monkey??). I had to give up or my sanity was going...Honest! Some year 8 students did witness my failure when trying to play that game one lunch time...

All Year 8 and 9, ( yes, even you Fast Track people!), this scatter game and this one will help you revise or/learn very useful prepositions. Have a go and try and remember as many as you can.
And keep playing both bin games to revise tenses!

Year 8 and 9 Fast Track, go there to revise/learn different verbs & different pronouns in the Perfect Tense. And take three minutes to test yourself.

Year 9 Fast Track, we are working on that unit about Local Environment at the moment, so I have created these activities especially for you:
First, go there and see if you can match up the word with the definition!
And then go there and see if you can match up the french with the english, (another one created by me just for you!).
Finally test yourself here!

Hope it helps.

samedi 18 octobre 2008

Scatter Games for all ! And more !

Year 7, Go there and play Scatter with numbers from 1 to 21, and then go there to revise days and months. And you can also check this one out !

Year 8 and 9, Go there and play Scatter with verbs in the past tense, and then take the Test! Then try this as well.

Especially for 8 and 9 Fast-Track, there you will find the Famous Rebels!!!!
(The ones who "do not follow the rule", and use "je suis" instead of "j'ai" in the past!!!)

Year 8, sets 2, you can go there and then there to check how much you've learnt in Module 1 this first half-term.I have also found this game about weather which I am absolutely incapable of playing because I am far too slow and cannot shoot the words! Try it and let me know how it went for you.


jeudi 16 octobre 2008